Like everyone else in the World, we here at the GTBR are putting personal plans on hold, reevaluating the future, and making the best of a bad situation.

If you don’t register for our race just yet, we understand. If you register in order to give yourself a training goal, we get that too. Either way, know that we are not putting the race on ice just yet. Since the race is at the end of August, we hope that the health crisis will be over by then and we can go ahead a pull that starter’s pistol trigger at 6pm on August 27th.

Registration will remain open until it becomes obvious that we can’t hold the race. At that time, if you have registered, we will refund your money, of course.

Best of luck staying in shape, running while practising social distancing, and keeping your spirits up!

The Glen Tay Block Race committee

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